Final post

Today I basically finished my build which this post shows what I have meet and how I meet it.

A prim’s inventory item (Content) passed to an avatar

This is meet by having a prim on the table which has notecard which is given to people when they touch it they will be given this which this notecard tells about the build and about the lore.

An instance of scripted communication with an avatar via main chat

This is meet by having the music box and the seat talk to the player through the main chat by them saying they have been touched or the music is playing. This is so the player knows what is happening in terms of the build.

The sitting of an avatar on a prim with the purpose of either “seating” or “teleporting” the avatar.

This is meet when the first place where the avatar is put as in that room there is only a chair which use the llsit which with the location I made it so it sits in the other chair in the main office this is also where when you stand up it makes the ambience noise through the collision code.

A scripted change in colour

I meet this as when the button for the hallway light is clicked the light will change from a red to green but not the glow as this will wreck the ambiance of the environment.

The use of at least three textures with transparency

This is meet by the images of the characters I used have transparency on their background meaning that the user will be able to see the character and be able to see through it to.


Lastly there is the lights which are meet by the 3 in the main office as in the game you got 3 light 2 vent lights and a flashlight for down the hall this meet by the script in the code which when the player touchs the button it will turn on or off the light.

So overall I haven’t had any trouble in this build what so ever will in it anyway I would say I have to improve on my time management as due to multiple assignments at the same time I have been stressing over them.

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Final post

Assignment 3 blog post 4

This post is the following one for my post 4. This week I have meet 2 out of 3 of my goals I had to get done this week but the one I missed is just because of the time left to do the assignment.

So the first goal I meet was the ambiance sound which I put in the chair so when the avatar stands up it will start a collision and start to play an ambience sound which last for 6 seconds and will stop once the sound has ended.

The second goal which I meet was the scripting as I finished all the scripting needed for the build that I tried to take on the change of textures but because of internet constraints I couldn’t get around to that hence why goal 3 wasn’t meet but I still plan to put in a texture color change to make up for this as it part of the build.

Assignment 3 blog post 4

Post 3

At the end of the week I ended up finishing what I planned to do which was uploading the images for the characters on the stage and also making the texture for the wall. But I did end up having problems with the pictures but that was only because I forgot to upload 2 of the 4 into my inventory excluding the made texture.

I also ended up asking for more lindens as I knew I would need more soon as going to upload sounds and more images.

The hardest part of this week was putting the images on stage as they were near the wall I had to some how rotate the camera so it didn’t go through the wall but in the end I got there but I kind of had a change of plans and end up focusing on getting more of the criteria done as running out of time.

I also got the media on a prim working but kind of hit a snag and it won’t play on the firestorm viewer which is kind of a problem when it comes to marking and I also forgot the code for the end of the URL for the fullscreen with no controls which is a problem which I will need to ask again for.

So here are a couple of pictures of what I got so far.

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So next post is going to be the goals I aim to complete next week hopefully.

Post 3

Brief 4th post (Goals for this week)

This post is relating to the goals I want to get done this week and on Saturday I will post if I have meet these goals or not.

My first goal is to get all the scripting done for the build as I know it will take a while and I don’t want to leave it to the last minute like I have been lately due to other assignments.

Second goal is to put a partical system in place to simulate fog which is kind of a thing I want to add to this build as it will go well with the sounds I am going to put into it.

The last goal is to put the sounds in as this will give ambiance to the build and give that scary tone to it also.

Brief 4th post (Goals for this week)

2nd post

This week I have started on decorating the rooms but also make sure that my prim limit doesn’t go to high as I noticed I was nearly at 205 prims so I ended up editing the floor so it was just over the whole workspace as that was one of the problems which helped a lot as it cut it down a lot and also the roof I edited so it had less prims on it.

This was also the same with the walls I discovered that some had double hiding in the same spot so I took them out and fixed up some of the walls at the same time as that was another problem to.

There was also the vents that were a problem as I had one end a full square prim for one part and the other sides for the vent single prims but made it so the end connecting to the other room to the office had a full prim which had path cut. Might be just easier to take a photo to explain this.

Vent Previous_001

The above picture is the previous vent I had which had 1 full prim with hallow to the max and the other prims were separate consisting of 5 different prims. Vent now

Now I edited so it has two full prims with one having path cut with full hallow and the other just having full hallow but I still have two prims which make up the end of the vent and the right side facing towards the office.


I have also started putting stuff into the main room where 4 of the characters and my main aim is to get some images hopefully of the characters standing on the stage and their path towards the office.

This has edited my plan slightly due to time so I am only going to do the 4 toy characters Bonnie, Freddy, Chica and Mangle (Toy Foxy) as images.

2nd post

MUV assignment 3

This week I have finished the interior of my build and I can say that I am progress faster than I thought as I thought it would take me the 5 weeks to build each room but no looks like it didn’t.

So far I have put the permanent floor texture which I will put a photo in the next post for the textures I have also put a texture on the wall which is in the pictures below of it on the walls.

I have also putted the script in for the office for lights as that is where the main source of light is going to be but this will only be visible mainly when you have set the environment to midnight for now as have to put the roof over it to cover it which will be a flat roof as you can’t see the actual roof in the actual game.

I have also put the tables in as at the time I was just testing to build them and in the end I liked the way they were.

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So the plan for next week is to get the roof done and to create the tile texture for the wall as they are spouse to have a green and purple square pattern to the floor texture and also to start getting some of the decorations in.

MUV assignment 3

Assignment 3 brief

My choice: A build

What you are going to do: I am going to recreate a map from a horror game I have played call Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 which will be a mix of interactivity and visual complexity as the functions will be combined with each other.

What you will learn by doing it: I will learn more on how to write SL script and also more about the building aspect of SL to by having creating my own ambiance with the particles which I will also learn more about by visiting similar places as my one I am going to recreate. It will also make me learn more about SL in general in a builders point of view in SL and it could also lead me to creating my own objects in the near future from scratch with my own design.

So my initial plan of this build of the FNAF 2 map I am recreating will be for educational purposes as it will teach the player or user about the game and the patterns of the characters also you defend yourself in the actual game if I got time at the end I might try and create my own version of the character and try and put a AI on to it so it can also give the horror feel to it also.

I plan to do a graphical view of the map layout and also get pictures of another persons recreation of it through another game called Garry’s Mod which is similar to second life in the build aspect.

MUV assignment 3 plan and layout

What resources am I going to need: Will right now I will have to find the textures for the walls and items but if there if not any I might try to make a similar one to myself. I will also need to be taught how to create buttons which turn lights on as there are two parts of the map that must have this function.

What skills/knowledge you are going to need that you know?

Will right now I will need to use the building skills I have been taught and also the scripting skills I have also got so far but I also have some knowledge from memory of the items that are through the map and the spots where some of the characters go.

What skills/knowledge you are going to need that you don’t know?

Will I know I will have to learn more about scripting as there are some functions like buttons that I need to learn about as there will be a lot of buttons in my build which will trigger parts of it and events.

For this assignment I have roughly about 6 weeks to complete this so I know I might not get a AI in.

Which platform will you use?

I will be using second life for this assignment.



Assignment 3 brief